March 2019

Mercury begins our nightly parade of planets near the easternmost fish head of Pisces at the start of March. The messenger planet sinks into the sunset fast though. On the 7th, northern hemisphere observers will find it barely above the horizon with a slim crescent moon to the left. The planet is at inferior conjunction […]

February 2019

Mars is between the fish of Pisces when February starts. During the next few evenings, it will move from the western fish to the eastern fish. Uranus is waiting in the space between the easternmost fish and Aries for a close call with Mars on the 13th. The two planets will be 1° apart. A […]

January 2019

Our new year starts with Mars on the meridian at sunset while Orion is rising. Venus is a morning object in Libra. Jupiter rises a little later below it. Mercury rises later still closer to sunrise. Saturn is too close to the sun to see. Mars starts 2019 below the head of the southwest fish […]

December 2018

Saturn remains near the Sagittarius teapot after sunset when December starts. The ringed planet will set not long after the sun. Mars is close to the meridian, in Aquarius, ready to set around midnight. A waning crescent moon rises a while after midnight. Venus is in Virgo closer to dawn. Mercury is a hard catch […]

November 2018

November starts with Jupiter and Mercury together between Libra and Scorpius as the sun sets. Saturn continues its reign at the top of the teapot of Sagittarius. Mars is in the eastern part of Capricornus. All four of these planets are evening objects.     For northern hemisphere observers, there’s a zoo of constellations in […]

October 2018

All five naked eye planets are in the evening sky when October starts. Mercury, as usual, is hard to see though. The best views will be from around 25° south where the planet appears to be directly above the setting sun. At barely a 7.5° elongation, even at the latitude of South Africa and Paraguay, […]

September 2018

Four planets are visible in our evening sky this month. From west to east they are Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. Mercury is a morning object when the month starts.     Venus is just below Spica at the start of the month. After reigning as a bright evening object for months, it is heading […]

August 2018

Four planets are easily visible as darkness sets in after sunset when August begins. See ever bright Venus in the west, Jupiter a little past the meridian west of the diamond of Libra, Saturn rather far east above the teapot of Sagittarius, and Mars rising. If you’re viewing from the southern hemisphere, it’s five planets […]

July 2018

In the middle of July, you’ll be able to see all five naked eye planets and the crescent moon in the sky at the same time. Get ready for this wondrous view by identifying and watching them as the month starts.     Mercury is below Venus in the west after sunset. Jupiter is near […]

June 2018

Venus continues its reign of the evening sky in the heart of Gemini at the start of June. Or should be way between the hearts of Gemini? Barely a week into the new month, the planet is heading out of Gemini and on the way to Cancer where it passes through the Beehive cluster on […]