August 2021

Venus and Mars are setting along with Leo not long after the sun these evenings. At the month’s start, the red planet is still near Regulus after their recent close call. Venus is leaving Leo. On, to Virgo. A thin crescent moon passes Mars on the 9th and Venus on the 10th. Watch Venus pass […]

July 2021

Mars and Venus straddle Cancer on the evening of June 30 as July is about to begin. Both are moving eastward. Venus moves through the Beehive Cluster or M44 the evening of July 3rd. The chase is on. Venus appears to be swooping in for a quick meetup with Mars. As the planets come close, […]

June 2021

As June begins, Mercury is retreating into the sunset. If you can find it, it’ll probably be only on the first few evenings of the month. Venus is above it, approaching the feet of Gemini. The constellation itself isn’t particularly easy to see. The bright stars Castor and Pollux stand out, but the rest don’t […]

May 2021

Mercury and Venus are evening objects, Mars visits the twins, Saturn and Jupiter shine in the morning, and there’s a total lunar eclipse. The month starts with Mercury and Venus in the evening sky. They reach higher into it each evening. The moon is in the neighborhood next to Venus on the 12th and Mercury […]

April 2021

Venus is an evening object again. But it remains a horizon hugger. Binoculars may help find it, but any obstruction on the horizon will spoil the view. It has a close pairing with Mercury on the 25th. They set just 35 minutes after sunset on that date from 18° north where they may be best […]

March 2021

Cetus, Pisces, and Pegasus are setting as night sets in. Gemini, Taurus, and Orion are high at sunset. Leo is an all night constellation. Mars is in Taurus when March begins. It passes close to the Pleiades in the first week. Around the 15th through 19th, the red planet passes through a set of stars […]

February 2021

Mercury starts the month as an evening object. If you can see it after sunset in February, that’s impressive. True to its reputation, the planet is heading sunward quickly. From around 13° north latitude, the planet sets an hour after sunset on the 1st.. That’s where the best viewing is. But even there, it’s impossible […]

January 2021

Planet watching is likely to be frustrating this month. And last month’s super close conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is hard to beat. But maybe we can come close. The two planets remain close together next to Capricornus at the beginning of January. As Jupiter leaves Saturn behind, both are heading into the sunset. Mercury […]

December 2020

The month starts with the moon just past full. While it’s rising, above it is Mars and nearly opposite the moon in the sky are Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter and Saturn own our evening sky show this month. Saturn is east of Jupiter at the start of the month. Both are moving east, but Jupiter […]

November 2020

As the sun sets at the start of November, Boötes and the orange star Arcturus are setting along with Ophiuchus and Serpens. Jupiter and Saturn are in the south as they draw closer together for their great conjunction in December. Mars is rising alongside Pisces. Orion and Gemini are late evening risers. Venus and Mercury […]