June 2018

Venus continues its reign of the evening sky in the heart of Gemini at the start of June. Or should be way between the hearts of Gemini? Barely a week into the new month, the planet is heading out of Gemini and on the way to Cancer where it passes through the Beehive cluster on […]

May 2018

Except for when the moon is in the neighborhood, Venus is the brightest object in the western sky in the evenings this month. You’ll see it first. As darkness sets in, look for Sirius, Betelgeuse, Aldebaran, Capella, and Procyon too. Venus starts May a little right and above the Hyades. It passes near a star […]

April 2018

    Planet watching is best in the morning this month. Jupiter, actually rising in late evening, remains in the diamond of Libra moving retrograde (westward) toward Zubenelgenubi. If you’ve been watching Mars since the beginning of the year, you’ve seen it pass right on by Jupiter in January and Antares in February. In March, […]

March 2018

March is the second month this year with two full moons. The moon is almost full as the month begins. As it rises in the east just after sunset, be sure to turn around and see Venus and Mercury together setting in the west. They are below the eastern fish of Pisces which you’ll find […]

February 2018

The month starts with a just-past-full moon and ends with a just-before-full moon making February a month without a full moon. A lunar month is 29.5 days. Because February has only 28 days (or occasionally 29), the entire month often passes without all four moon phases represented. In 2018, it just so happens that the […]

January 2018

The new month and the new year start with a full moon. The moon will be full again at month’s end. By some definitions, that is a blue moon. And by those definitions, there will be a second blue moon in 2018, as March also has a full moon at its beginning and end.   […]

December 2017

December starts with a waxing gibbous moon well on its way up as the sun sets. Meanwhile, Saturn and Mercury are close together in the west setting together. Many of the favorite winter constellations rise during the night. But it is well after midnight before we see any more planets. Mars rises next to Spica […]

November 2017

Saturn is low in the sky, almost setting, with Sagittarius and Ophiuchus as November begins. It is lower and lower each evening as the month goes on. Around the middle of the month, you may notice an object below and right of Saturn moving leftward night to night. You have to be out not long […]

October 2017

As October starts, Jupiter is setting not long after the sun. Our evening sky has Saturn in the southern part of Ophiuchus a little past the meridian at sunset. Sagittarius is closer to the meridan, but still past it. A waxing gibbous moon is in Capricornus. And Pegasus is rising. Taurus, with the Hyades and […]

September 2017

As September starts, Jupiter is in Virgo in the west at Sunset and will stay close to the bright star Spica all month. Saturn is in the south in Ophiuchus. A waxing gibbous moon is a little east of there in Sagittarius. Pegasus is rising. In the morning sky, Gemini and Orion are prominent. Venus […]