Tag: Mercury

February 2019

Mars is between the fish of Pisces when February starts. During the next few evenings, it will move from the western fish to the eastern fish. Uranus is waiting in the space between the easternmost fish and Aries for a close call with Mars on the 13th. The two planets will be 1° apart. A […]

November 2016

Look for a crescent moon in the west just after sunset at the start of November. The two bright planets above and left of it are Venus (on the left) and Saturn. Reddish Antares is below them. For northern hemisphere viewers, this scene is a little south of west. In any case, the moon will […]

September 2016

Jupiter and Venus are separating in the evening sky after sunset after that remarkably close conjunction on August 27 and 28. Both are barely above the horizon. Venus is going leftward or to the south. It will stay above the horizon just after sunset all month while Jupiter gets lost in dusk’s glare. Find a thin […]

August 2016

There’s something unusual about this month. None of the naked eye planets are visible in the morning. Two of them will be hard to spot in the evening. Look west just after sunset. Venus is barely above the horizon. Jupiter is above it and to the left. Between them but closer to Venus you can […]

July 2016

July 2016 provides the chance to see five naked eye planets in one viewing session right after the sun goes down. Two of them will be close to the horizon as darkness sets in. So they won’t be up long. Let’s start with Jupiter. The big planet will move slowly below the belly of Leo […]

June 2016

When June starts, Saturn is up all night. It’s at opposition on the 3rd. You’ll see the ringed planet rising just under Mars in the east as the sun goes down. Don’t confuse Mars with Antares which has nearly the same red color. The red planet rises a little before the red star and is […]

May 2016

As May starts, Orion sets shortly after the sun. The twins of Gemini are above him. Leo is just past the meridian with Jupiter at his belly. Virgo is high and still rising. Arcturus is high in the east. Jupiter is just about holding still in the sky when May starts, but it moves eastward […]

February 2016

In the early part of this month, you’ll be able to see all five naked eye planets in the sky at the same time. You may think the best view is on the mornings in the first week of February. The moon is new on the 7th. So a waning moon will serve as a […]