Erigone occults Regulus

On the morning of March 20, 2014, an asteroid will pass right in front of the bright star Regulus in the heart of Leo the Lion. Those who can see it will be along a 45-mile wide path that begins off North America's eastern seaboard, crosses land starting at New York City, continues across Lake Ontario, up part of the Ontario-Quebec border, and on to areas northwest of Hudson Bay. Regulus will vanish for up to 14 seconds.

Here's a visibility map made by occultation enthusiast Steve Preston using the program WinOccult. It shows time predictions for the event.
Visibility map for the Erigone-Regulus occultation of March 20, 2014. Click to see it larger.

Here are some visibility time predictions in Universal Time.

6:06 New York, NY         Patterson, NJ
6:07 Oneonta, NY         Syracuse, NY         Oswego, NY         Kingston, Ont.
6:08 Fort Stewart, Ont.         North Bay, Ont.
6:09 Haileybury, Ont.         Ville Marie, Queb.
6:10 area west of Kesagami Lake in Ontario        Moose River, Ont.         area west of Fort Albany, Ont.
6:11 area west of Attawapiskat, Ont.
6:12 Winisk, Ont.
6:15 Chesterfield Inlet, Dist. of Keewatin

Useful links:
Steve Preston's page about this occultation
International Occultation Timing Association is very interested in the moon occulting other objects.
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Interactive Google map of the shadow path from Breit Ideas Observatory

If you want to see an asteroid occultation, start watching the skies at least a few minutes before it's predicted time. You may need to make sure you're looking in the right place. Or the event may happen earlier than predicted, especially if astronomers don't know much about the asteroid's size and shape. Of course, keep watching for a few minutes if you don't see it when predicted because it could be late too.